Updates & some grrrrreat news

Hi there, how are you?! I thought it was time to let you in on my whereabouts. It has been quite a whie, musically speaking: I needed some time to fully recover and took time off to travel, broaden my view and regroup!

I am here, healthy and energetic in my new home in Madrid. yes, new city: new experiences, new ideas and opportunities! The city is very inspiring and I love its beauty, its art, its music and the crazy good food.

To be honest: I still don’t know how to sit still, really. I need to be on the move all the time it seems. I guess 6 weeks of patiently lying on my back drives me to move and go places. But I am slowing down, now that I can and slowly but surely things are taking shape again: Ideas are getting clearer and soon I will start a new business project closely related to the music scene.

Aaaand I have begun writing new music for a new album. It is still very early to reveal anything but I can tell you that I won’t do it alone and I am extremely excited about the collaboration with this fantastic artist. I think, you will be too. In a few months we will let you in on our plans. It will be quite different from the rock album though. We can’t reveal much yet, as I said earlier, but I am writing and creating new ideas. already

I also wanted to mention that because of all these new projects there will be some facebook name changes in the future. Nothing really changes, you can call me as you prefer. it is all me!

‘Home’ is still available for free downloading. if you want to help and support the new album, you are welcome to leave a donation, we do appreciate that, as instruments, equipment, software, publicity and travel expenses are investments that are expensive but necessary for musicians.

Enjoy your day!  x Sas