Yes! New album in the making!

Hello from Finland, everybody!

If you have been following my facebook posts, you already know that I have been working on songs for a new album.

I wanted it to sound fresh, classical, contemporary, pop, rock, acoustic and synthesized at the same time. ”How is that possible, Sas? You have to make choices!” No I don’t. This is an incredible, catchy and interesting sound we are creating. Fit to be played on the radio, and pleasurable to listen to at home with your headphones on.

I am going to collaborate with two artists and dear friends, that are are both experts in their art. I wanted them on the album because they inspire me and their great personalities reverberate in their music.

Very shortly I’ll tell you more about the details and about how you can be part of the club of dreamers and adventurers.

I am delighted to share this with you . I will be keeping you informed, you can follow the whole process here.

xxx Sasfullsizeoutput_6b6

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