Hello lovely people,

I am writing you from sunny, ‘autumn’s in the air Madrid’, while I ‘m sipping my coffee.

I am doing extremely well as all is coming together. I am writing and producing a new album and I am loving it. Aáand I am not doing it alone.

I started contacting people in February, started writing songs in March, made a pre-production to show my ideas to José Antonio Montaño, my co-producer, sound engineer and guitarist, flew up to Finland to work together on the guitar recordings and I am currently making the first arrangements to send to Montaño so he can record drums, with our drummer, later this month. I also need to finish them this week, to send them to another fantastic guest musician who will also make her appearance on the album.

Few facts: all the people I collaborate with are profesional musicians and they are also very dear friends. We live in 4 different countries so there is a bit of travelling involved as well as working online. Soon I will present them to you.

I also found an amazing photographer and graphic designer who is going to do the artwork for the album and I will collaborate with a dear friend here in Madrid to get it all together and make a… surprise, to accompany the album with its release.

We are all people that communicate best through our art and it is our pleasure to provide you with some music that is really from the heart. May it be ballads or the more uptempo, tougher material: it is all something we want to share with you. I thought about this album a lot and I don’t want to make something for myself, I want to make something extraordinary for you, you are so important in this process. I know there is so much music out there nowadays. I want to reach out to you and connect with you through this and give you something special to listen to. So therefore, I am highly critical about every note that presents itself. This one goes in, that one: ‘sorry, not this time’. That is why I wanted to work closely with Montaño again, he has an eye (and an ear) for that.

The record will probably see its releasse in spring 2018.

So, that’s it for now, I will keep you updated and will slowly reveal more things about this album in the weeks to come.



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