This crazy Indian Summer

Hi Everyone,

How are you all doing? In this part of the world (Madrid, Spain) it is still sunny and warm. It’s crazy, but secretly I am enjoying this delicious warmth a lot. And it is a  special day: ’cause we a have a new little familymember! I am an auntie again! She is lovely. Her name is Yarah.

The album is coming together and it is so very satisfying to see things unfolding as ‘planned’. I am doing this for the first time this way, the writing, the arrangements, the singing , a part of the instruments, so it is a lot of work, also because I’m failing all the time with the technical/computer part of it, but it is great to know that the guys and girl in the team now have stuff to work with. The vibe is great, positive and energetic. We are all busy musicians, but this is coming together so nicely. They are all such great persons, I am so happy with them!

In 2 weeks I will present them to you in a video and will tell you all about what we are preparing for you guys and how you can already pre-order the album. you will defenitely like this one. It’s got all elements: it’s danceable, it’s ‘driveable’ it’s ‘sweetable’ and ‘singalongable’! Hey, just what you need! 🙂

Enjoy the fall wherever you are,

x Sas


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