Candles, Couch, Computer and Guitar

I am too Dutch not to like the indoor candle cozyness of fall and winter. I just don’t like the cold and my choice to live in Spain has proven to be an excellent way to avoid grey skies and dreary weather: I love how the spanish sun can warm your skin during the day in autumn and winter. Today I had breakfast at the local bar in my barrio where Sergio the bartender, just knows how I like my coffee and starts making it, the moment he sees me. I read some pages of my book while I enjoyed the sunshine and the strong coffee.

At the moment I am not performing, though that doesn’t mean I am not playing. I am looking forward to the time I am back singing for people, but for now the focus is a bit inward. I do write a lot and play a lot and I am busy shaping the songs, and everything that comes with making an album. I love the creative process and enjoy seeing everything coming together.

There are setbacks of course but I ‘ve learned to take them as they come, knowing the results will only be better than planned. It’s just like a natural elimination of things that just don’t go with it. Adjust and keep going.

Co-producer and sound engineer of the album will be Jose Antonio Montaño. He was my guitarist in my first band and we played many gigs together. He then pursued a career as music producer in Finland and well: here we are: making a record! I am in Spain, Montaño is in Finland as is our drummer and our bass player is Amsterdam based. It involves some travelling and there is the internet of course!

I am finishing a song I wrote when I decided to throw out 2 other songs that were already recorded: I seem to have created a habit out of it as I wrote ‘Sugar’ from scratch, while I was in the studio recording ‘’Home’’. I guess, I need the push, the thrill and the rush of making something new on the spot. But this one, is really nice and is now my favourite one of the entire album.

For the artwork and photographs I am collaborating with OLPHO, a Spanish artist based in Madrid.

We had a shoot  last week and I think we already have an album cover! 🙂  I am quite excited! But who knows, things may change in half a year. Yes, we are taking our time. Due to the fact that I am recording this way, I have to respect schedules of the other musicians and so, it will take a bit longer as planned, but it might just be the right time to let things ripen.

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Till next time, have a colourful fall everyone,


pic : OlphoMadridfullsizeoutput_7d2

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