”From small beginnings, come big endings” – Fink


I love new beginnings. I clean up, knowing that within no time things get caotic and messy again, but then you clean up again. I like that feeling, for I hardly ever look back. With the ‘cleansing’, I’m training myself to do so, to appreciate the good things  that happened, and to learn from the mistakes. But after that: hoppa, you-out!

This year was a fantastic one, I wrote so many new songs, arranged them, recorded them and learned so many new things: programming, new ways of singing, I managed to to understand my guitar better. I loved working in Finland with José Antonio my co-producer and partner in this musical crime. It is good to co-create and I hope to find more likeminded musicians here in Madrid, ’cause I have a music that needs to be performed with a band again. (Big Smile, here)

People have been lovely: I recently took up performing again as I was physically unable for quite some time and I am so appreciative of the response of people. I am defenitely doing more of this. I like this sharing.

The album is taking its time. ”I want it all and I want it now” is sooo 2017: the new paradime is pacience. As I am collaborating with other musicians, things need to fit in schedules etc. so that’s why it’s taking its time. I will keep you informed though and I will also anounce a campaign later this year with the offer of buying the album in advance so we can fund it properly and turn this collection of songs into something you really want to have. (It’s soooo fit for driving, cleaning, ”singing alonging”, sobbing and ”sillying”! )

Make 2018 the best year you’ve ever had -all aspects of life taken into account-

Rock this one good and hard,



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