Nice things


Hello from rainy/snowy Madrid! (they can’t decide what to pour apparently) It’s a cosy day: working a bit, practising a bit and now, with a nice hot tea in front of me, I wanted to give you a short update.
Things are going pretty well. It’s really nice to see things unfolding as desired. I put in the work, ofcourse, but then, this little universal response is just lovely. To start with, Richard Stuart Campbell of the band Indigo Drone and I joined forces in a project called ALTER-NATIVE. In this acoustic show, we will be playing songs of our band repertoire and may pop in a cover or 2. Very much looking forward to this gig in a nice little bar here in Madrid. For info and tickets: you can click here .

Then, more great news: José Montaño recorded drums for the new album with Mikko Koivunen, in Finland. They did an awesome job and we are now looking forward to producing bass. Yes!

I am collaborating with some pretty awsome  and talented people and I am also grateful for those who are giving me these opportunities to showcase my music. It’s a wonderful experience.

Alright lads and lassies, that’s it for now enjoy your day or night, wherever you are…

xx Sas

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