Good vibes and celebrations


Hello lovely people,

Sometimes things that happen in your life need to be celebrated. The good things and the so-called ‘bad’. Now, I am not a celebration girl, I celebrate a lot of things, but just for myself. (I hardly ever go to parties, but ssssh)  If my sunny-side-up turned out perfectly cooked for example,(runny yolk, runny yolk, yes)  I do a little dance of joy in my kitchen. Big things I celebrate in silence. But it’s always a party.

Now, today is a special personal day for me.  And it is raining, but I love that. Soon the sun will shine and we can all go out and enjoy the flowers and the fresh air of spring. (Do I sound like a hippy? yeah, I sound like a hippy..)

Anyway, on this day I am celbrating the good stuff that came out of the ‘bad’. But since ‘good’ and ‘bad’, in my book, are not that important, I just celebrate everything these days.

I am just following joy and good vibes. If people fail you: good: they are just an indicator that they are not a good match for you. If people raise your energy: great! It’ll make everything flow with ease and effiency!

This pic was taken by Alejandro Cuervo. Please look up his work at instagram. His streetphotography is amazing!

Bonito día to all, S

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