Sweet July

Version 3

Hi Everyone,

July is around the corner and somehow it is the only true start of summer for me. I haven’t gone on a real holiday since ages so usually, most of my summermonths I spend working on  my music, teaching English, performing and performing as a streetartist. Yess! You gotta pay the rent, but I love playing for people. Busking is one of my favorite things to do, I always feel so free and it is so rewarding, because if people stop to listen to you, they genuinely listen to you. And I love luring them into my world, even if it is for only a short while. I like the summervibe, even though this Spanish heat can get quite obnoxious at times.

Madrid is treating me very nicely, I must say: I am performing on a regular basis, with a performance at the Dutch Embassy on Kingsday as a small highlight. I’m a happy girl. This month there are several events coming up, that I look forward to: I am collaborating with The Circular Project. A project led by Paloma García, an incredible woman who is the driving force behind the sustainable fashion movement here in Spain. I will perform for them on the 3d of July at their press conference at the Swedish Embassy (I know, haha, it’s becoming ‘a thing’ ) and on the 13th of July, when they are presenting their anual Slow Fashion-Show at Matadero here in Madrid. Honoured and really looking forward to this collab!

Then, the 22nd I am thrilled to announce that I will  be playing at Café La Palma again. I love this venue! If you are around, please come and join us, it’s going to be a wonderful night with some surprises.

Furthermore, I will continue working on the album this summer. Some really beautiful turns have come about. But more about that, in my next blog.

Have an incredible summer you guys!

xx, Sas

photo by Alejandro Cuervo


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