CROWDFUNDING NEW ALBUM €5100 from €5000 – 102% of goal.

Thank you so much for your generous donation:

Adrian*, Ana, Antonio Juan*, Ans*, Annemiek*, Antonio, Barbara*, Barney*, Benjamin*, Carme*, Carmen*, Carlos P*, Carlos F*, Chris* ,Corrie*, Daniel*, David, Dutch Ladies Business Club*, Elisa, Els*, Eric*,  Erwin*, Eva*, Feikje, Gareth*, Geertrude*, Gerard*, Gome, Guido, Haim*, Helena*, Frederik*, Iris*, Jean Pierre*, Jaume*, Jelle*, Joan Ramon*, Johan* Kiona*, Laura*, Lonneke*,  Maria, Mariska, Marjan*; Marlies, Martin*, Maurik*, Michele*, Mee*, Menne*, Menno*, Misja, Monica*, Nicoletta, Niek*, Noud*, Paloma*, Paul*, Peter*, Rachel*, Richard L*, Richard S*, Rik*, Rinus*, Rodolfo*, Roberto*, Saskia*, Sibylle*, Silvia*, Stephan*, Ulla*, Wim*, Yassine*, Yorick*, Yvonne*

♥You rock ♥

  • Make a donation and you’ll receive a digital copy of the album + the gorgeous booklet* with the artwork, once it is finished.
  • (contact:


Hello! My name is Sas, I am a singer and a songmaker and I am currently recording my second full length album. The genre is pop- poprock and it is going to be bright, melodic, full of energy and elegant at the same time. I am extremely pleased with how everything is going. The songs are vibrant and sparkling, and I love how this all is coming together in such a perfect way.

I chose to work with the best and the nicest musicians, photographers and graphic designers, because I believe that  if you bring awsomeness together, you’ll get the best product. So, ‘my’ people, are just amazing and super nice. Music and Art is our life, but it is your life too. It’s everywhere and it’s often for free, even though there is an incredible amount of work and effort in creating it. So, this crowdfunding is just another form of paying for a product you might want to purchase or support. And it’s cool, really cool to be an art lover & supporter.♥

Any amount is appreciated, however small, you decide if and how much you want to give. And if you like my drive and you feel wealthy, please consider supporting my work with a generous or even a monthly donation. My ambition doesn’t stop with the release of this baby. I would like to take this album on the road with a live band and reach people. There really is no other purpose  than spreading joy and fun. Music maybe, is as important as air and I just love to bring that to you. It is simple and I think it’s beautiful.

You will receive a digital copy of the album the moment it is released. (early 2019) *Donations over 20 euros include the  gorgeous A5 fanzine- format booklet with the lyrics, info about the album, photos and artwork. You will receive an email from me where I will be asking you to send me a postal address. I ship worldwide.

You will receive an email from paypal (they will address you with your full name) and from me personally.

I thank you wholeheartedly for your time and for your generosity, you’re awsome



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