Hi Everyone,

Finally, spring decided to ‘land’ in Madrid, too. We have been having a lot of rain and some cold weeks and I was desperate for some sunwarmth. And today was a good day. I had a busy few days with a nice concert as a highlight at the Dutch Embassy here in Madrid to celebrate Kingsday. It was an honour and a lot of fun. And today is Monday and there was nothing urgent on the agenda. And… the sun had come out!

I decided to first take a walk along the river Manzanares. There are some parks nearby where I live, so I can always connect with nature and I do that often. Watching the ducks build their nests, visiting the little ‘hidden’ pond where the frogs ‘sing’ (what is it they do actually? Who knows?) . I found a nice spot, lay in the grass, dreamed away and thought a bit about the  next steps I need to take. Apart from work, I have decided to finally finish my apartment. It really needs a paintjob! Yes!

The album and the presentation for the launch is going great, but we are more people working on it and therefore the release will be after the 15th of May. However, I can’t really say when. It’ll be either the end of June or the beginning of September.  But it’s worth the wait and we can grow an appetite 😉 . But boy, is everything going to be gorgeous!

If you are interested in preordering the album: you’re in luck! Please browse around in my litlle shop. I highly recommend the option with the physical artwork. You won’t regret it as there is more to the experience than music… 😉  click here to pre-order 

I’m also writing for another cool project. Something really out of my comfort zone, but absolutely beautiful and I am reall happy with what I’ve got so far. I will keep you posted ofcourse.

So, yes, that’s it for my little update. I hope you are having an amazing spring. Enjoy it, wherever you are.

xx, Sasfullsizeoutput_1063

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