Dear friends,

Here we are: grounded until further notice. All of a sudden we caught ourselves in such turbulence that the wisest decision was to turn back and keep our planes on the ground. For however long it’d take.

And it’s the weirdest sensation not to know what skies we will encounter when it is safe enough to fly again. Will it be the same? Will we be able to taxi our way to the runway at all? Some will need to mend some damage, others will have to begin from scratch. Some of us will take off where they landed and have the smoothest flight. Others will never fly again or ‘ll be too afraid to ever try. And some of us, sadly, have gone up to the skies already and sent off on a lonely journey.

I hope the now fresher air and clearer waters, will make us come to our senses and make us see how lucky we are to be even alive. There is no scarcity, I believe. We’ll have to find ways to distribute and share the abundance there is in this world. We are all applauding for the people that are running our countries right now: medical staff, healthcare workers, cleaners, delivery people, police, yes, ánd our politicians. No-one has any experience on how to handle this invisible organism, that seems to be our destroyer and saviour at the same time.

As for me, I am safe and doing well, worried sometimes and letting myself get carried away, which is unpleasant, then when aware, gently herding myself back to a place where I feel joyful, again. It is an exercise and now is the time to put all theory in practice. And I feel very appreciative of all that I have: a roof over my head, food in my belly and family and friends to call.

I am studying a lot: music production, mixing and related stuff. I’m also listening to music again, something I wasn’t doing as much these last few years. I was always busy creating music and when I wasn’t working, I just wanted silence, ‘cause music triggers a lot in me. And it is not something that particularly relaxes me. But now I am, headphones on, when I’m walking in circles or zig zagging in the open community space below my apartment, to keep in shape, get some fresh air and to keep the blood running. (That’s the blood, not me. I walk, gheghe) 

The situation is giving me space to find new artistic aspects of myself. And to come up with new strategies to offer my product to you in a way it’s beneficial for both parties. We have a mini album coming up, a beautiful collaboration with DieStadt; the ‘Uncharted Ground’ album still remains unreleased, apart from the crowdfunders and buyers, to whom the album was sent. And I have a lot of great songs to publish from that album. I’m also beginning to feel the need to turn back to the lab and create something that’s been an idea for years. Also, I’m setting up something to offer you guys to enjoy and at the same time serves me to compensate for the live gigs that have now fallen through. Most of us musicians are losing a part of their income as we cannot play live for, who knows how long.

We’ll be in our houses here in Spain, at least until the 9th of May. I am proud of this country, even though I am only a resident. It is being hit hard, as its demography counts a lot of seniors. Something that cannot be weighed in economic strategy and then get compared to other, much smaller countries, that have a younger population. We have to work together, it’s the only way to make everybody win.

We got this. Stay safe and dream big, lovely people.


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