Goodbye, I’m joining the pirates…⚔️

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Hello Friends, 
I hope you are all fine and doing amazing. I thought I’d get in touch, as there are a few things I wanted to share with you:
First of all this : A couple of weeks ago I tripped while out in the streets and I broke my arm. Yes, very unfortunate, but boy, was I lucky: what amazing doctors and medical staff at Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz, here in Madrid. They did such a phenomenal job and they were all so nice and professional: they put the bone together with screws and now it is up to me to rest, take it easy , do what the doctor says and hopefully start with recovery exercises in August. I was told to be able to take up de guitar again within 5- 6 months. That’s a long time, but well, I am lucky to have such fantastic people around me and these amazing medical people. A big shout out to them and to my friends who stand by my side, helping me out with chores.

So, I thought: It’s a good time to have break (chuckle), as I won’t be able to work for now; work as in: doing concerts or shooting video’s. There were music video’s to be shot for the unreleased songs I have and I’m putting it all on the shelf for a while.

So a summer stop. But a social media one. I am joining the pirates for a while. (Got the scar now, so I was accepted ; ) . I want to explore the lawless, no pressure-freedom of creation again. Very eager to explore these new ideas, at my own pace.

So no social media updates for the summer but you can always join the newsletter-blog list of this page, if you like. I might blog now and again here and as for business: please feel free to get in touch. You can reach me in the ‘contact’ section on this page.

After summer, in the fall, I may return with a new Short Story Sunday series or an entire new series, I don’t know yet but for sure: expect some releases of songs and projects that are all kept in my drawer until then 🙂 (‘Uncharted Ground’ , after all, still remains ‘unreleased’. However, the album ís for sale 😉 and you don’t want to miss out on it. ‘Courrrrse ! )

I will keep recording for other artists and producers, though.  If you need harmonies, backingvocals, or a female vocal for your production: Reach out, I’m here :), nothing’s changed there.

I’m leaving you with the last ” Home” video, in case you hadn’t seen it before. Shot during the global lockdown. Does it contain a city that is dear to you? Like, comment, subscribe: you know you help me spread the notes and it’s free : ) 

For now: have an amazing summer, take care and keep flying high! xx, Sas

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, I’m joining the pirates…⚔️

  1. Saskia, I am so sorry that you broke your arm. One wrong move and bam one wing out of commission! I for one will miss my assistant captain. I would always be honored to share a cockpit with you! Your music will be missed but thankfully we can keep playing all your songs you have recorded for us. For now that will have to do. Your great music along with your sexiness. You are top drawer! I know you will come back better than ever. And sexier too!

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