Hey Friends! What’s up?!

Back from my voyage I am! The pirates treated me honorably and I earned my 11 cm scar and I’m wearing it with dignity. (hey, I’m one of them now, I’m allowed to brag about my kills & scars -chuckle- )
Dr. Foruría and his medical team at Hospital Jímenez Díaz in Madrid did an amazing job. My recovery was relatively swift and perfect and guess what: I still can’t play the guitar properly, after this, so everything is just as fine as before 😉

As we are still in wild waters, with the covid storm raging, I’ve decided to extend my absence from the socials a little longer. I do have another song to share though, from the ‘Uncharted Ground’ album, which will be released tomorrow! I love this song! It’s about inspiration, admiration and growth. A very cool flight experience awaits you. The album, I have decided, will be released on the platforms in the near future, even though I can’t execute on my 3 killer video ideas I had in mind to accompany the release.

Even though I keep low key at the moment, I’d appreciate your subscription to the YouTube channel, Insta and Facebook and my website. The website’s a safe base in these loud and changing internet times.
We can’t play for you now, and as a consequence, we have to miss out on the income that came from the live performances. If you like, you can support your favorite artist on their socials and buy their music or merch. You can purchase ‘Uncharted Ground’ here on my website of course. And or go to http://www.cloudnineairlines.rocks for the best Flight Experience. : )

It’s a cool thing to consider. Many have released their music for free and keep doing so, pressured by the changed concept of music consumption. Now, our main source of income from music has evaporated too.
Bút: theater, galleries, art and music will be back. Pay it forward 🙂

Hang in there, be safe, be responsible, and to speak with Ehrman: strive to be happy.
See you soon, lovely people, thank you so much for your support.

Stay tuned for the new song and lyrics video tomorrow!
X, Sas

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