”Awakenings”- my collab album with DieStadt

Dear All,

The 3d of December, Die Stadt and I are finally presenting you ”Awakenings”, a collaboration album of avant-garde downtempo electronica by Die Stadt combined with vocals, melodies and lyrics by yours truly.

The project has been lying around, finished, in the corner of a drawer for quite some time, but Antonio of Die Stadt and I thought now is the perfect time to give you the positive and calming sounds of hope, transformation and clarity.

We created 4 tracks for you and what makes this minialbum so special is that, as we are two different musical universes combined, we opted for a two-fold release: We proudly present: ”Awakenings: The Daytime Mix”, where DieStadts’ signature sound is headlining and ”Awakenings-The Nighttime Mix”, where a more song-like production is maintained.


1. Awakenings

2. Freefalling

3. Back to the Source

4. Midnight Sun Smiles (instrumental)

5. Back to the source (radio edit)

Shout out to François Le Goffic who recorded and and co- produced my vocals.

Along with the purchase of the album you will not only receive the 4+1 tracks, but the 24 page, full color printable booklet with beautiful artwork some additional info and all lyrics designed by Antonio Montilla.

By purchasing the mix of your choice, you will make a big difference in the way we artists can keep on creating and living. Especially now that our income has decreased by not being able to perform, due to the pandemic.I am immensely proud of this album and I hope you will enjoy this music as much as we did, creating it. Thank you, lovely people, xx S

pre-sale: www.sas.red/shop and www.diestadt.es

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