”Awakenings” nominated best EP 2020 by PSYBIENT. Will you lend us a hand?

Yes, among other nominees from all over the world, our EP Awakenings, the electronica-ish music I made with spanish avant garde project ‘Die Stadt’, is selected in the category ‘best EP of 2020’. Say wháaaattt?? : )

So cool! But: we need your help. -drops heavy silence- : Will you vote for us? It would really help us getting the music heard and it’s karma points on your end, of course ; ) Scroll all the way down this document until you reach: ”Click next to start the poll. We are under ‘D’ Die Stadt I SAS . It’ll only take a minute. The poll closes tomorrow. Thank you so much! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdTe-dzN1adPXUrPqpTFZAB27lfo4aOuYvbbr6HLEYWwSjSBQ/viewform

The song is a snippet from ‘ Back to the Source’. There is a original and a radio edit version of it on the EP. If interested in purchasing it, just head over to my little shop. This way you help me earn a living. Think of it as ‘fair-trade’ music. The Spotify and Amazon people are already quite affluent and their deal with smaller independent artists is, well… smaller than the tiniest dot you can imagine. So thank you for considering purchasing or patronizing my work. https://sas.red/shop/ , x! Sas

4 thoughts on “”Awakenings” nominated best EP 2020 by PSYBIENT. Will you lend us a hand?

  1. Gefeliciteerd lieve Sas! Heel erg verdiend die nominatie, jullie hebben een prachtig album gemaakt Heb gestemd met twee e-mailadressen 😘



  2. Done m’dear SAS! ????- Keeping everything crossed for you and putting squillions of positive thoughts out to the cosmos for you too. It would be so wonderful to see you win- and soooooo well-deserved. Hope that you are safe and well. Big love and abrazos, Retta?????? ________________________________


    1. Thanks, love! That’s so awesome, that you took the time to vote for us. How are you doing? Hope to see you soon at Wim’s, when this is all over. Un abrazo , guapa!


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