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Dutch singer and songwriter (based in Madrid, Spain) SAS released her first album ‘Home’ in 2014 under the name SASI. After a few years of singing and playing solo, with just her voice and a guitar, SAS decided that she wanted her first record to be a full band pop rock album.

She released her album presenting her first marvelous band and the next 2 years she alternated rock concerts with acoustic gigs.
Within 3 years od singing solo SAS  managed to grab the attention of a fast growing group of followers from all over the world. Now, within half a year since its release, ‘Home’ sold copies in 25 countries.

In their live shows the band offers an alternative, fresh, original and highly energetic poprock experience. The 4 succeed in creating a gratifying atmosphere, with a stunning voice, heavy and catchy guitars, a powerful and melodic bass, finished with the dynamic power of elegant and privileged drums.
Her acoustic performances are known for its intimacy and fun atmosphere as she is quite an entertainer.
2018: SAS is producing her second album.It will probably see its release in september 2019