Short Story Sunday #11

Autumn, my favorite season. And lots of news!

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I last posted. I have been busy with a lot of things and it just requiered putting in the hours. I stayed in Madrid this summer, had a great time, worked and enjoyed the slower pace of the city. It was inspiring and I learned a lot. I feel great, I’m doing shows here and there and am collaborating with other nice artists, doing some backingvocals for their songs.

”The album, what about the album, you’ve been so quiet about it”- I knoooow, it was just that there were still so many little things to do, but it’s almost time! Just wait and see! Just wait and seeeeee : )

Right after we finished the last recordings for the album, I almost immediately went back  into the studio to record for another project that I am involved in. And I am so excited about it. It is going to be almost the total opposite of the pop- rock oriented  SAS album but I love it so much! I can’t wait to tell you more about it, but we still have some songs to finish, write and record and I would like to focus on the release of the new album now. But there is already another record in the making!

Ah, by the way: This summer I started a weekly 1 minute video blog, called ‘ Short Story Sunday’. It’s about my weekly musical whereabouts. You can watch it on my Instagram and facebook account. And yes, you may hit ‘follow’, if you like. ( ah, just hit it right now, why not?! ; ) It helps me get more exposure and thus more work, more  joy, more happiness and food on the table as well. You are quite important, as you can see.  If you don’t have social media, but you would like to receive the videoblogs, please subscribe to the webpage or send me an email and I will happily send you the vids.

That’s it for now, friends. I will be back soon and finally present you the new album. For those who wish to be included in this batch of shippings (you already come from 14 different countries!) : Buy the album now (either digital , you’ll receive  the digital booklet in pdf over email, or the printed version, digitial alum and a few more goodies. It so good, you just want to have it ;).  heck yeah, I want to buy the new album!

besos, Sas




An Acoustic Evening with SAS



Join me for an acoustic evening on one of the most beautiful private terraces in the city:  La Divina Terraza. Madrid under the stars, lovely people, something from the bar and songs you might want to hum to, sway to or just listen to. I’ll be singing in English, Spanish ánd Dutch and you will defenitely hear some new material and some snippets from the new album! We’ll send you the exact location  (barrio tetuan, linea 1), after buying your tickets.

Enquieries: . Join us! x S.


Hi Everyone,

Finally, spring decided to ‘land’ in Madrid, too. We have been having a lot of rain and some cold weeks and I was desperate for some sunwarmth. And today was a good day. I had a busy few days with a nice concert as a highlight at the Dutch Embassy here in Madrid to celebrate Kingsday. It was an honour and a lot of fun. And today is Monday and there was nothing urgent on the agenda. And… the sun had come out!

I decided to first take a walk along the river Manzanares. There are some parks nearby where I live, so I can always connect with nature and I do that often. Watching the ducks build their nests, visiting the little ‘hidden’ pond where the frogs ‘sing’ (what is it they do actually? Who knows?) . I found a nice spot, lay in the grass, dreamed away and thought a bit about the  next steps I need to take. Apart from work, I have decided to finally finish my apartment. It really needs a paintjob! Yes!

The album and the presentation for the launch is going great, but we are more people working on it and therefore the release will be after the 15th of May. However, I can’t really say when. It’ll be either the end of June or the beginning of September.  But it’s worth the wait and we can grow an appetite 😉 . But boy, is everything going to be gorgeous!

If you are interested in preordering the album: you’re in luck! Please browse around in my litlle shop. I highly recommend the option with the physical artwork. You won’t regret it as there is more to the experience than music… 😉  click here to pre-order 

I’m also writing for another cool project. Something really out of my comfort zone, but absolutely beautiful and I am reall happy with what I’ve got so far. I will keep you posted ofcourse.

So, yes, that’s it for my little update. I hope you are having an amazing spring. Enjoy it, wherever you are.

xx, Sasfullsizeoutput_1063


Yes! It is getting more real every time. I am working hard, together with some amazing people to present something beautiful for you to enjoy. I’m feeling amazing, being able to create this and I’m happily passing that feeling on. A special thank you, my crowfunders, for making this all possible.

The expected release date is May 15. But you can already pre-order your copy here !  I will keep the surprise, though  ;).

If you wish to make a donation in return for the album and its artwork > €25,- : it is still possible and very much appreciated. With your help I  can send this baby off into the skies. Thank you so so much.

I will keep you posted, here and via Facebook and Instagram. (would love to connect here too, If you have an account)

Enjoy this spring, lovely people, speak soon, xx, Sas


CROWDFUNDING NEW ALBUM €5100 from €5000 – 102% of goal.

Thank you so much for your generous donation:

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♥You rock ♥

  • Make a donation and you’ll receive a digital copy of the album + the gorgeous booklet* with the artwork, once it is finished.
  • (contact:


Hello! My name is Sas, I am a singer and a songmaker and I am currently recording my second full length album. The genre is pop- poprock and it is going to be bright, melodic, full of energy and elegant at the same time. I am extremely pleased with how everything is going. The songs are vibrant and sparkling, and I love how this all is coming together in such a perfect way.

I chose to work with the best and the nicest musicians, photographers and graphic designers, because I believe that  if you bring awsomeness together, you’ll get the best product. So, ‘my’ people, are just amazing and super nice. Music and Art is our life, but it is your life too. It’s everywhere and it’s often for free, even though there is an incredible amount of work and effort in creating it. So, this crowdfunding is just another form of paying for a product you might want to purchase or support. And it’s cool, really cool to be an art lover & supporter.♥

Any amount is appreciated, however small, you decide if and how much you want to give. And if you like my drive and you feel wealthy, please consider supporting my work with a generous or even a monthly donation. My ambition doesn’t stop with the release of this baby. I would like to take this album on the road with a live band and reach people. There really is no other purpose  than spreading joy and fun. Music maybe, is as important as air and I just love to bring that to you. It is simple and I think it’s beautiful.

You will receive a digital copy of the album the moment it is released. (early 2019) *Donations over 20 euros include the  gorgeous A5 fanzine- format booklet with the lyrics, info about the album, photos and artwork. You will receive an email from me where I will be asking you to send me a postal address. I ship worldwide.

You will receive an email from paypal (they will address you with your full name) and from me personally.

I thank you wholeheartedly for your time and for your generosity, you’re awsome



Concierto Cool Breeze in Cafe La Palma


Looking forward to this one! The 22nd I’ll be playing an acoustic set at Café La Palma. I love this place, it’s got an excellent sound, the vibes are chill and they are just a bunch of cool peoples. Come on over, I’ll be singing some summery tunes, while you unwind. Bring your people and  enjoy a summer evening at one of the best places in town. G&T’s are chilled , songs are warm 😉

Tickets at the door 9 euros but bought in advance: 7 euros. hey 😉  compra tu entrada


Sweet July

Version 3

Hi Everyone,

July is around the corner and somehow it is the only true start of summer for me. I haven’t gone on a real holiday since ages so usually, most of my summermonths I spend working on  my music, teaching English, performing and performing as a streetartist. Yess! You gotta pay the rent, but I love playing for people. Busking is one of my favorite things to do, I always feel so free and it is so rewarding, because if people stop to listen to you, they genuinely listen to you. And I love luring them into my world, even if it is for only a short while. I like the summervibe, even though this Spanish heat can get quite obnoxious at times.

Madrid is treating me very nicely, I must say: I am performing on a regular basis, with a performance at the Dutch Embassy on Kingsday as a small highlight. I’m a happy girl. This month there are several events coming up, that I look forward to: I am collaborating with The Circular Project. A project led by Paloma García, an incredible woman who is the driving force behind the sustainable fashion movement here in Spain. I will perform for them on the 3d of July at their press conference at the Swedish Embassy (I know, haha, it’s becoming ‘a thing’ ) and on the 13th of July, when they are presenting their anual Slow Fashion-Show at Matadero here in Madrid. Honoured and really looking forward to this collab!

Then, the 22nd I am thrilled to announce that I will  be playing at Café La Palma again. I love this venue! If you are around, please come and join us, it’s going to be a wonderful night with some surprises.

Furthermore, I will continue working on the album this summer. Some really beautiful turns have come about. But more about that, in my next blog.

Have an incredible summer you guys!

xx, Sas

photo by Alejandro Cuervo


New 80’s show


Happy to announce a new 80’s show in Madrid! You can purchase your tickets now. See you soon!  Entradas

Good vibes and celebrations


Hello lovely people,

Sometimes things that happen in your life need to be celebrated. The good things and the so-called ‘bad’. Now, I am not a celebration girl, I celebrate a lot of things, but just for myself. (I hardly ever go to parties, but ssssh)  If my sunny-side-up turned out perfectly cooked for example,(runny yolk, runny yolk, yes)  I do a little dance of joy in my kitchen. Big things I celebrate in silence. But it’s always a party.

Now, today is a special personal day for me.  And it is raining, but I love that. Soon the sun will shine and we can all go out and enjoy the flowers and the fresh air of spring. (Do I sound like a hippy? yeah, I sound like a hippy..)

Anyway, on this day I am celbrating the good stuff that came out of the ‘bad’. But since ‘good’ and ‘bad’, in my book, are not that important, I just celebrate everything these days.

I am just following joy and good vibes. If people fail you: good: they are just an indicator that they are not a good match for you. If people raise your energy: great! It’ll make everything flow with ease and effiency!

This pic was taken by Alejandro Cuervo. Please look up his work at instagram. His streetphotography is amazing!

Bonito día to all, S